Having a plan makes all the difference

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Many businesses struggle with planning, they are so caught up in the day to day running that they lose sight of their goals. Being clear about what you want to achieve and then writing it down is powerful. Spending hours working on something to pop in the drawer and forget about until tax time is time wasted. Having a plan and then following up with a budget can make a huge difference. It can focus the mind, allow you to delegate and then achieve your goals. Here are some tips to ensure that this happens:

  • When creating your objectives and budget, put timing next to them to give you something to work towards but be realistic. Don’t set yourself up to fail.
  • Calendar your progress: put time in your calendar each week/month, whatever works for you and measure your success. 
  • Delegate: try and delegate some of the tasks so they don’t all fall onto one person. 
  • Appraisal: put the tasks into your team members annual review to measure success. Their achievements will go towards their reward and recognition.

Don’t forget about your plan, use it as an opportunity to create a roadmap for the following year(s).  You can compare your performance and really measure your success.

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