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With over twenty years working with and in the SME sector, coupled with some valuable time spent in large corporates, Cariad was born out of a sense of frustration at how many small businesses are being held back by a lack of support when they need to make day to day commercial business decisions or even long term strategic ones.

Even simple things like cash flow management, are done in many cases on a wing and a prayer, with no real understanding of the position today, never mind for the next three months.

However, just think of the value to you, the business owner, if you fully understand the impact of your decisions quickly and accurately. 


Want to hold a sale event as a retailer? We can show you how it will impact sales, margins and very importantly cash flows. To have that knowledge readily to hand is a valuable resource and can sometimes be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business.

As a fellow small business, we understand that business owners can't possibly know everything (hence this website being developed in conjunction with our marketing guru, Nic).     One thing we do get, though, is that by using the skills of trained and experienced professionals where appropriate, we have a much better chance of being a successful business in the long term.     In order to fully support small business where required we are able to act as he full finance function. From bookkeeping through to acting as a strategic advisor through our Virtual CFO work, as well as even being able to undertake your tax work through our new, upcoming tax division.

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Simon Turner - Director

After six years as a submariner, Simon took a very different career path, one which has ultimately led to the formation of Cariad. A Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and holder of a MBA, he is ideally placed to use his twenty years of experience of industry working in and being responsible for both finance and non-finance departments to enable small business owners to achieve the success they are working for.

As a family man, with numerous interests outside his professional life, he fully understands the pressures you face and strives to work with you to make your business successful and give you the time to live the life you envisaged when you started it all off.